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I-L-X I-L-X and B12 I-Sense
I-Sense OccuShield I-Vite I-Vite Protect
I.D.A. Iamin Hydrating Gel IB-Stat
ibandronate IBC 500 Iberet
Iberet Liquid Iberet-500 Iberet-500 Liquid
Iberet-Folic-500 ibritumomab Ibu
IBU-200 Ibu-4 Ibu-6
Ibu-8 Ibu-Tab Ibudone
ibuprofen Ibuprofen PM Ibuprofen PMR
ibuprofen-oxycodone ibuprofen-pseudoephedrine ibutilide
IC-Green Icaps ICaps AREDS
ICaps MV ICaps Plus Icaps TR
ICaps with Lutein and Zeaxan Icar Icar C
Icar Prenatal Icar Prenatal Chewable Calcium Icar Prenatal Essential Omega-3
Icar-C Plus Icar-C Plus SR Icare Prenatal Rx
Ichthammol Glycerin ichthammol topical ICN Paracetamol
Icy Hot Icy Hot Extra Strength Icy Hot Extra Strength Back & Large Areas
Icy Hot Patch Icy Hot PM Icy Hot with Capsaicin
Idamycin Idamycin PFS idarubicin
Ide-cet Idenal idoxuridine ophthalmic
idursulfase Iferex 150 Iferex 150 Forte
Ifex Ifex/Mesnex ifosfamide
ifosfamide-mesna Ilaris Iletin II Lente Pork
Iletin II NPH Pork Iletin II Regular Pork Iletin Lente
Iletin NPH Iletin Regular Ilex Skin
Ilopan Ilopan Choline iloperidone
iloprost Ilosone Ilotycin
Ilotycin Gluceptate Ilozyme Imagent
imatinib Imavist Imdur
imiglucerase imipenem imipenem-cilastatin
imipramine imiquimod topical Imitrex
Imitrex Nasal Imitrex Statdose Imitrex Statdose Refill
immune globulin intramuscular immune globulin intravenous immune globulin subcutaneous
Imodium Imodium A-D Imodium A-D EZ Chews
Imodium A-D New Formula Imodium Advanced Imodium Multi-Symptom Relief
Imogam Rabies-HT Imotil Imovax Rabies
Imovax Rabies (obsolete) Imovax Rabies I.D. (obsolete) Implanon
Impruv Impruv Deep Moisturizing Impruv Natural Repair
Imuran In-111 Zevalin inamrinone
Inapsine Inatal Advance Inatal Ultra
Increlex indapamide Inderal
Inderal LA Inderide Inderide LA
Indiclor indigo carmine indinavir
indium chloride In-111 Indium In-111 DTPA indium oxyquinoline In-111
indium pentetate In-111 indium pentetreotide In-111 Indocin
Indocin SR indocyanine green indomethacin
Indoor/Outdoor Allergy Relief Infadrops Infalyte
Infanrix (DTaP) Infanrix (DTaP) Preservative Free Infanrix (obsolete)
Infantaire Gas Relief Infants Tylenol Concentrated Drops Infasurf
Infed Infergen Inflamase Forte
Inflamase Mild infliximab influenza virus vaccine, H1N1, inactivated
influenza virus vaccine, H1N1, live influenza virus vaccine, inactivated influenza virus vaccine, live, trivalent
Infumorph Infuvite Infuvite Pediatric
Innerclean Innohep InnoPran XL
Innovar Inocor I. V. INOmax
Inositech inositol Inova
Inova 4/1 Inova 8/2 Inpersol
Inpersol with 1.5% Dextrose Inpersol with 2.5% Dextrose Inpersol with 4.25% Dextrose
Inpersol-LM Inspra Insta-Char
Insta-Char with Sorbitol Insta-Glucose Instacort
Instacort 10 Instant Hand Sanitizer Instant Ice
insulin insulin aspart insulin aspart protamine
insulin aspart-insulin aspart protamine insulin detemir Insulin Diluting Medium for Novolog
insulin glargine insulin glulisine insulin inhalation, rapid acting
insulin isophane insulin isophane-insulin regular Insulin Lente Pork
insulin lispro insulin lispro protamine insulin lispro-insulin lispro protamine
Insulin Pork Mix Insulin Purified NPH Pork Insulin Purified Regular Pork
insulin regular insulin zinc insulin zinc extended
Intal Intal Inhaler Integra
Integra F Integra Plus Integrilin
Intelence interferon alfa-2a interferon alfa-2b
interferon alfa-2b-ribavirin interferon alfa-n1 interferon alfa-n3
interferon alfacon-1 interferon beta-1a interferon beta-1b
interferon gamma-1b Intralipid intravenous electrolyte solution
Intrinsitinic Intron A Intropaste
Intropin Intuniv inulin
Invanz Invanz ADD-Vantage Invarest
Invega Invega Sustenna Inversine
Invirase iobenguane I-123 Iobid DM
iocetamic acid Iodal HD iodamide
Iodex Iodides iodinated glycerol
iodine iodine I 131 tositumomab Iodine Mild
Iodine Tincture Decolorized iodine topical iodine-potassium iodide
iodipamide iodixanol Iodo Plain
Iodo-HC Iodoflex Iodopen
iodoquinol iodoquinol topical Iodosorb
Iodosorb (obsolete) Iodotope Iodrol NR
Iofed Iofed PD Iofen
Iofen-DM NF Iofen-NF iohexol
Iohist D Iohist DM Ionamin
Ionax Ionil Plus Ionil Shampoo
Ionil T Ionil T Plus Ionosol B and 5% Dextrose
Ionosol MB and 5% Dextrose Ionosol T and 5% Dextrose Ionsys
iopamidol Iopamidol-370 iopanoic acid
Iophen Iophen DM Iophen DM NR
Iophen NR Iophen-C NR Iopidine
iopromide Iosal II Iotex PSE
iothalamate Iotussin D Liquid Iotussin HC
ioversol ioxaglate ioxilan
ipecac iPlex ipodate
Ipol ipratropium ipratropium nasal
Iprivask Ipsatol Cough Formula Iquix
irbesartan Ircon Ircon-FA
Iressa Irigate irinotecan
Irofol Iromin G Iron Chews
iron dextran iron polysaccharide iron protein succinylate
iron sucrose Irrigating Solution G Irritation & Redness Relief
ISDN Isentress Ismelin
ISMO Ismotic PB Iso-Acetazone
Isocaine with Levonordefrin isocarboxazid Isocet
Isochron Isocom Isodettes
isoetharine isoflurane isoflurophate ophthalmic
Isoject Permapen Isolyte E Isolyte H and 5 % Dextrose
Isolyte M and 5% Dextrose Isolyte P and 5% Dextrose Isolyte R and 5% Dextrose
Isolyte S Isolyte S and 5% Dextrose Isolyte S PH 7.4
isometheptene mucate IsonaRif isoniazid
isoniazid-rifampin isoniazid/pyrazinamide/rifampin Isophen-DF
isopropyl alcohol otic isopropyl alcohol topical isoproterenol
isoproterenol-phenylephrine Isoptin Isoptin I.V.
Isoptin SR Isopto Alkaline Isopto Atropine
Isopto Carbachol Isopto Carpine Isopto Cetamide
Isopto Cetapred Isopto Frin Isopto Homatropine
Isopto Hyoscine Isopto Plain Isopto Tears
Isopto Tears (obsolete) Isordil Isordil Tembids
Isordil Titradose isosorbide isosorbide dinitrate
isosorbide mononitrate isosulfan blue isotretinoin
Isovex Isovue-128 Isovue-200
Isovue-250 Isovue-300 Isovue-370
Isovue-M-200 Isovue-M-300 isoxsuprine
isradipine Istalol Istodax
Isuprel HCl Isuprel Mistometer Itch Relief
Itch Relief Extra Strength Itch-X Itch-X Lotion
itraconazole IvDerm Iveegam
Iveegam En ivermectin Ivites Rx
Ivocort Ivy Dry Super Ivy-Dry Cream
Ivy-Dry Kids IvyBlock ixabepilone
Ixempra Ixiaro
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