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benzocaine-docusate Enemeez Plus, Therevac Plus
bisacodyl Alophen, Bisa-Plex, Bisac-Evac, Bisco-Lax, Bisolax, Carters Little Pills, Colax, Correctol, Doxidan Tablet, Dulcogen, Dulcolax Laxative, Evac-U-Gen, Ex-lax Ultra, Feen-A-Mint, Fematrol, Fleet Bisacodyl, Gen Lax, Gentlax Tablet, Gentle Laxative, Laxative Gentle Suppositories, Magic Bullet, Modane, Veracolate
bisacodyl-magnesium citrate Dulcolax Bowel Cleansing, Evac-Q-Kwik, LoSo Prep Bowel Cleansing System, Royvac Bowel Evacuant, Tridate
bisacodyl-PEG 3350 with electrolytes Half Lytely and Bisacodyl Lemon Lime, HalfLytely and Bisacodyl, HalfLytely and Bisacodyl with Flavor Packs
bisacodyl/sodium biphosphate/sodium phosphate Fleet Prep Kit #1, Fleet Prep Kit #2, Fleet Prep Kit #3
bulk producing laxatives
casanthranol-docusate Aqualax Forte, Diocto-C, Diocto-K Plus, Dioctolose, Doc-Q-Lax (obsolete), Docu Soft Plus, Doculax Plus, Docusoft S+, Doxidan, DSMC Compound Plain, DSS Plus, Genasoft Plus, Octycine, Perestan, Peri-Colace (obsolete), Peri-D.O.S., Peri-DS, Strong Caps
cascara sagrada Natures Remedy
cascara sagrada-magnesium hydroxide
cascara sagrada-phenolphthalein Caroid Laxative
castor oil Castor Oil, USP, Emulsoil, Neoloid, Purge
cellulose Unifiber
docusate Aqualax, Calcium Stool Softener, Calube, Colace, Colace Micro-Enema, Correctol Softgel Extra Gentle, D-S Caps, DC-240, Dialose, Diocto, Dioctocal, Dioctosoftez, Dioctyn, Dioeze, Dionex, Doc-Q-Lace, Docu, Docu Soft, Docucal, Doculase, Docusoft S, DocuSol, DOK, DOS, Doss-Relief, DSS, Dulcolax Stool Softener, Enemeez Mini, Ex-Lax Stool Softener, Fleet Sof-Lax, Genasoft, Kao-Tin, Kaopectate Stool Softener, Kasof, Modane Soft, Octycine-100, Octycine-250, Phillips Stool Softener, Regulax SS, Silace, Sulfalax Calcium, Sulfolax, Sur-Q-Lax, Surfak Stool Softener, Therevac-SB
docusate-phenolphthalein Dialose Plus, Docucal-P, Doxidan Softgel Laxative Plus Stool Softener, Ex-Lax Extra Gentle, Femilax, Feminine Lax, Femintrol, Modane Plus, Phillips Gel, Unilax
docusate-senna Doc-Q-Lax, Doculax, Dok Plus, Ex-Lax Gentle Strength, Gentlax S, Peri-Colace, Senexon-S, Senna Plus, Senna S, Sennalax-S, Senokot S, SenoSol-SS
glycerin Allens Junior Cough, Bandi S15, Boots Cough Syrup 3 Months Plus, Colace Glycerin Suppositories, Fleet Babylax, Fleet Glycerin Suppositories Adult, Fleet Glycerin Suppositories Pediatric, Gilseal Homecare Glycerol BP, Glycerin, Glycerin Suppositories Maximum Strength, Glycerol, Glycerol Adult, Glycerol Infant, Glycerol Pediatric, Ichthammol Glycerin, Osmoglyn, Pedia-Lax Liquid, Ravin, Sani-Supp, Senokot Direct Relief, Tixylix Baby
guar gum Benefiber (guar gum formulation), Benefiber Orange Creme, Benefiber Orange Creme Sugar Free, Benefiber Plus Calcium, Benefiber Plus Calcium Sugar Free, Resource Benefiber
hydrocortisone-lidocaine topical w psyllium Xyralid RC
lactulose Cephulac, Cholac, Chronulac, Constilac, Constulose, Duphalac, Enulose, Evalose, Generlac, Heptalac, Kristalose
magnesium citrate Citrate of Magnesia, Citroma Cherry, Citroma Lemon
magnesium hydroxide Concentrated Phillips Milk of Magnesia, Ex-Lax Milk of Magnesia, Milk of Magnesia, Phillips Milk of Magnesia
magnesium hydroxide-mineral oil Phillips' Haleys M-O
magnesium sulfate Epsom Salt, Magnesium Sulfate-Sodium Chloride, Sulfamag
malt soup extract Maltsupex
malt soup extract-psyllium Syllamalt
methylcellulose Citrucel, Citrucel Clear Mix, Citrucel Food Pack, Citrucel Lax, Citrucel SF
mineral oil Fleet Mineral Oil Enema, Kondremul Plain, Leader Mineral Oil Enema, Liqui Doss, Milkinol, Mineral Oil, Heavy, Mineral Oil, Light, Muri-Lube
mineral oil-phenolphthalein Kondremul with Phenolphtalein
phenolphthalein Chocolaxed, Espotabs, Fletchers Child Laxative Cherry, Medilax, Phenolax, Prulet
polycarbophil Equalactin, Fiber Lax, Fiber Laxative, Fiberall Tablets, FiberCon, Fiberlax, Fibernorm, Fibertab, Konsyl Fiber, Mitrolan, Perdiem Fiber Caplet, Polycarb
polyethylene glycol 3350 ClearLax, GlycoLax, MiraLax, PEG3350, SunMark ClearLax
polyethylene glycol 3350 with electrolytes Co-Lav, Colonic Lavage Solution, Colyte, Colyte Flavored, Colyte with Flavor Packs, GaviLyte-C, GaviLyte-G, GaviLyte-N, Go-Evac, GoLYTELY, MiraLax (obsolete), MoviPrep, NuLYTELY, NuLYTELY Cherry, NuLYTELY Lemon Lime, NuLYTELY Orange, NuLYTELY with Flavor Packs, PEG-3350 with Electolytes, TriLyte with Flavor Packs
potassium bitartrate
potassium bitartrate-sodium bicarbonate Ceo-Two
psyllium Alramucil, Cilium, Fiber Eze, Fiber Therapy, Fiberall, Genfiber, Hydrocil, Konsyl, Konsyl for Kids, Konsyl Orange Sugar-free, Konsyl-D, Konsyl-Orange, Laxative Natural, Laxmar, Laxmar Orange, Laxmar Sugar Free, Maalox Daily Fiber Therapy, Metamucil, Metamucil Berry Burst Smooth Texture Sugar Free, Metamucil Orange Coarse Milled Original Texture, Metamucil Orange Smooth Texture, Metamucil Orange Smooth Texture Sugar Free, Metamucil Original Texture Regular, Metamucil Pink Lemonade Smooth Texture Sugar-Free, Metamucil Unflavored Coarse Milled Original Texture, Metamucil Unflavored Smooth Texture Sugar Free, Modane Bulk, Natural Fiber Therapy, Perdiem Fiber Powder, Reguloid, Serutan, Syllact, V-Lax
psyllium-senna Perdiem, SennaPrompt
senna Black Draught, Dosaflex, Dr Caldwell Laxative, Ex-Lax Chocolated, Ex-Lax Gentle Nature, Ex-Lax Maximum Relief Formula, Ex-Lax Regular Strength Pills, Fletchers Castoria, Gentlax, Innerclean, Pedia-Lax, Perdiem Overnight, Senexon, Senna, Senna Concentrate, Senna Lax, Senna Smooth, Senna Soft, Senna-gen, Sennalax, Senokot, Senokot Child, Senokot Extra, SenokotXTRA, Senolax, SenoSol, SenoSol-X, Uni-Cenna, X-Prep
sodium biphosphate
sodium biphosphate-sodium phosphate Disposable Enema, Fleet Enema, Fleet Enema Extra, Fleet Enema for Children, Fleet EZ-Prep, Fleet Phospho Soda, OsmoPrep, Phosphate Laxative, Visicol
sodium citrate Citra pH, Citrate-Phos-Dex, Tricitrasol
sodium phosphate
wheat dextrin Benefiber, Benefiber Caplet, Benefiber for Children
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