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Drugs for Pneumonia

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amikacin Amikin, Amikin Pediatric
amoxicillin Amoxicot, Amoxil, Amoxil Pediatric Drops, Biomox, Dispermox, Moxatag, Moxilin, Trimox, Wymox
amoxicillin-clavulanate Augmentin, Augmentin ES-600, Augmentin XR
ampicillin Omnipen, Omnipen-N, Principen, Totacillin, Totacillin-N
ampicillin-sulbactam Unasyn, Unasyn ADD-Vantage
azithromycin Azithromycin 3 Day Dose Pack, Azithromycin 5 Day Dose Pack, Zithromax, Zithromax IV, Zithromax TRI-PAK, Zithromax Z-Pak, Zmax
aztreonam Azactam, Cayston
bacampicillin Spectrobid
benzathine penicillin-procaine penicillin Bicillin C-R, Bicillin C-R 900/300
cefaclor Ceclor, Ceclor CD, Ceclor Pulvules, Raniclor
cefamandole Mandol
cefazolin Ancef, Kefzol
cefdinir Omnicef, Omnicef Omni-Pac
cefditoren Spectracef
cefepime Maxipime, Maxipime ADD-Vantage
cefixime Suprax
cefonicid Monocid
cefoperazone Cefobid
cefotaxime Claforan, Claforan ADD-Vantage
cefotetan Cefotan
cefoxitin Mefoxin
cefpodoxime Vantin
cefprozil Cefzil
ceftazidime Ceptaz, Fortaz, Fortaz ADD-Vantage, Tazicef, Tazicef ADD-Vantage, Tazicef Novaplus, Tazidime
ceftibuten Cedax
ceftizoxime Cefizox
ceftriaxone Rocephin, Rocephin IM Convenience Kit (obsolete)
cefuroxime Ceftin, Kefurox, Zinacef, Zinacef ADD-Vantage
ciprofloxacin Cipro, Cipro Cystitis Pack, Cipro I.V., Cipro XR, Proquin XR
clarithromycin Biaxin, Biaxin XL, Biaxin XL-Pak
clindamycin Cleocin HCl, Cleocin Pediatric, Cleocin Phosphate
cloxacillin Cloxapen, Tegopen
dicloxacillin Dycill, Dynapen
dirithromycin Dynabac, Dynabac D5-Pak
doxycycline Adoxa, Adoxa CK, Adoxa TT, Alodox, Avidoxy, Doryx, Doxy Lemmon, Doxy-Caps, Doxy-D, Monodox, Oracea, Oraxyl, Periostat, Vibra-Tabs, Vibramycin, Vibramycin Calcium, Vibramycin Hyclate, Vibramycin Monohydrate
ertapenem Invanz, Invanz ADD-Vantage
erythromycin E-Mycin, E.E.S. Granules, E.E.S.-200, E.E.S.-400, E.E.S.-400 Filmtab, Ery-Tab, Eryc, EryPed, EryPed 200, EryPed 400, Erythrocin Lactobionate, Erythrocin Lactobionate ADD-Vantage, Erythrocin Stearate Filmtab, Erythrocot, Ilosone, Ilotycin Gluceptate, MY-E, PCE Dispertab, Robimycin
gatifloxacin Tequin, Tequin Teqpaq
gemifloxacin Factive
gentamicin Cidomycin, Garamycin, Septopal
imipenem-cilastatin Primaxin IM, Primaxin IV, Primaxin IV ADD-Vantage
levofloxacin Levaquin, Levaquin Leva-Pak
linezolid Zyvox
loracarbef Lorabid, Lorabid Pulvules
metronidazole Flagyl, Flagyl 375, Flagyl ER, Flagyl I.V., Flagyl I.V. RTU, Metro I.V., Metryl, Protostat
moxifloxacin Avelox, Avelox I.V.
nafcillin Nallpen, Unipen
ofloxacin Floxin, Floxin I.V.
oxacillin Bactocill
penicillin A-Cillin, Beepen-VK, Bicillin C-R (obsolete), Bicillin L-A, Isoject Permapen, Ledercillin VK, PC Pen VK, Pen-V, Pen-Vee K, Pfizerpen, Truxcillin VK, V-Cillin K, Veetids, Wycillin (obsolete)
piperacillin Pipracil
piperacillin-tazobactam Zosyn
procaine penicillin Wycillin
sparfloxacin Zagam, Zagam Respipac
sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim Bactrim, Bactrim DS, Bactrim I.V., Bactrim Pediatric, Bethaprim, Bethaprim Pediatric, Cotrim, Cotrim DS, Cotrim Pediatric, Septra, Septra DS, Septra I.V., SMZ-TMP DS, Sulfatrim, Sulfatrim Pediatric, Sulfatrim Suspension, Uroplus, Uroplus DS
telithromycin Ketek, Ketek Pak
tetracycline Ala-Tet, Brodspec, Emtet-500, Panmycin, Robitet 500, Sumycin, Tetracap, Tetracon
ticarcillin Ticar
ticarcillin-clavulanate Timentin, Timentin ADD-Vantage
tigecycline Tygacil
tobramycin Nebcin, Nebcin Pediatric, Tobi
troleandomycin Tao
trovafloxacin Trovan
vancomycin Lyphocin, Vancocin, Vancocin HCl, Vancocin HCl Pulvules, Vancoled
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